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The U.S. Navy was looking for a new way of lighting the King Posts on some of the ships. King post is used for cargo handling and takes a fair amount of abuse. The ships they were trying this on featured two king posts – fore and aft.


  • Current they use 2 x 1000W per post light output not good this is an arduous application lights have mixed life expectancy
  • Salt water climate makes weather-proofing and protection from the salt water a must
  • Energy costs were not an issue although we deliver great coverage and brightness with a LED 300w


The fore and aft areas to be lit were not all that large, only about 70’ x 90’, but they did encompass a full 180 degrees. Constellation Lighting developed a Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel LED 300W light with a 60 degree spread all lights have staples steel cap screws with Nylock nuts to accommodate any vibration that can be encountered. With each 300W light replacing a 1000W HPS we were able to cover the spread and easily light the cargo areas as needed. We also fabricated high quality, heavy duty stainless steel brackets to mount the lights on the king post and be adjustable.


The lights have been to sea and weathered well. There have been no failures of lights or of the brackets. The U.S. Navy continues to purchase lights and brackets to retrofit.
This light is now used in the Salt & Chemical industries and commercial container ports.

For more information please call (832) 717-575O or email [email protected]


Ports around the world have large lay down areas were containers off loaded and reloaded. There are containers coming and going 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For safety’s sake, these areas must be well lit because of the constant traffic of very large vehicles – semi’s and cranes primarily, but smaller vehicles too. These areas are lit from a ring of 12 lights on the top of 120’ mast. This ring of lights is known as a 'halo'.


  • Current 1000W lights with ballast failing and difficult to work on
  • Light it escaping the area (known as light pollution) and there have been complaints.
  • High maintenance cost Ballasts Bulbs and physical time with manpower it takes labor intensive.
  • Typical layout is 12 x1000w MH using 15,600 watts per mast


Constellation Lighting Ltd manufactures a series of High Mast lights that has 6 discrete sections. We fitted these sections with LED with different lenses so that configure the light spread to cover the areas required. These masts are 300’ to 400’ apart, so they do need to cover a lot of area with adequate intensity. We chose 140°, 90°, and 60° lenses on our 300W XGO2 Series light. We also used stainless steel fittings due to the salt water air. Also, Constellation Lighting Ltd is a member of International Dark Sky Association and our lights are dark sky friendly designed not to contribute to light pollution.


Other than the lights look pleasing to the human eye and because the LED is a lens fixture so the light is directed to the area required coupled with the over lap from each mast the lay down area as a even appearance over he terminal. Bonus to port saving on weight on the halo reduction of 900 lb per mast due to the lighter LED unit and no ballast.
Less strain on the halo winch gear.
Less amp draw so reducing electrical load on wire.
LED unit has a low profile so less windage and less movement of mast in windy conditions.
Reduction in man hour maintenance.
Energy saving 12,300 watt per mast.

For more information please call (832) 717-575O or email [email protected]


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