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designDesigning a bespoke LED luminary is relatively costly and only appropriate where manufactured volume and/or the improvement in system performance makes the process more cost effective than utilizing existing stock fixtures.

The design and development process falls into four distinct and chargeable phases.


Phase 1: Discovery:

The first step in any luminary design is to agree to critical application requirements, how the characteristics of the final product will be measured and compared, with a set of development goals to determine the project's progress and success.



Phase 2: Research and specification:

The development team will carry out LED and component selection, thermal design, lens choice and fixture design.


A fully costed specification will be drawn up, documenting all factors necessary to optimise efficiency and achieve regulatory compliance for the required application, such as; driver choice, isolation, power factor correction and current reduction or PWM dimmability etc.


Phase 3: Prototyping:

On acceptance of the specification and CAD drawings, a Beta design prototype will be produced for testing and approval. It is not uncommon, however, for a Gamma prototype to be required before committing to final production.



Phase 4: Manufacturing:

In most cases, Constellation Lighting can manufacture entirely within their own, dedicated, facilities but may also outsource elements of the process to trusted third parties where cost savings dictate.


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LED Lighting Facts is a program of the U.S. Department of Energy, showcasing LED products that are performance tested according to strict industry standards.

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